Our services

We provide a wide variety of solar energy services from large grid-connected systems to small off-grid backup power solutions.


Off grid solar

Tired of constant power cuts and blackouts? Invest in a off-grid battery bank and a solar panel array with a powerful inverter from SolSpectrum. You will have the peace of mind and power cuts will be a thing of past for your home or business! We offer industry leading battery banks and inverters. Contact us for a tailor made off-grid solution today.


Grid connected solar

You can use a solar power(PV) system to zero your electricity bills and store the excess units generated and use it within 10 years. This system is ideal if you are looking for a low cost solar solution to cover your electricity bill and getting ready for future price hikes.


Net Accounting solar

If you have large roof area and plenty of sunshine, why not put it to good use to generate additional income? As an added bonus you will enjoy free electricity for decades. Invest on a solar Net Metering with SolSpectrum and enjoy the benefits of green energy and sustainable power management.