Our projects

Below are some of the projects we have completed.


30kW commercial system

Commercial, Net-Metering

38kW net-accounting, home system

Domestic, Net-Accounting

Grid Connected

Grid connected solar PV systems (also known as 'on-grid') export power
to the CEB or LECO grid. They come under the Net-Metering, Net-Accounting and Net-Plus solar power schemes.

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Net metering system - 7kw

This is a residential solar powered net metering system done for a domestic customer. The tiled roof solar panel installation is a plus point for the customer, as he didn't have to make any modifications to his roof to accommodate the solar system.

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15kW net metering system

This is a 15kW solar net metering system done for Foster & Reed Colombo. Using this system the electricity from the grid reduced significantly, saving energy costs.

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300kW Net-plus solar system

This industrial net plus solar installation has been in operation for 2 years and helped the client to zero their electricity bill and get paid for the additional electricity generated.

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30kW Net metering Industrial solar

30kw commercial net meting system done for the Prime Group

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90kW Net plus solar system

This industrial net-metering solution provided for a tea factory is 90kW in size and covers most of the electricity requirements of day to day operations.

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120kW net plus solar system

This 120kw industrial solar system offers the factory to operate smoothly with zero energy bills and receive extra income from the massive daily contribution to the national electricity grid.