Who We Are

SolSpectrum has been in the sustainable energy industry for more than seven years. During this time we have been delivering more than 200 projects in Sri Lanka in domestic and industrial projects

We at SolSpectrum offers the best affordable solar solutions that fits your requirement. We provide grid tied solar solutions from net-metering, net-accounting and net plus systems.

All our products are sourced from the leading manufactures across the globe. Solar panels are from Panasonic and JaSolar. Inverters from SMA, Sofar Solar, Solis and Solax. Off grid inverters from Growatt and Goodwe. With these world leading brands, we offer unmatched warranty for our systems, that gaurantee your peace of mind.


What We Do

We offer grid tie solar systems for residential and commercial purposes. In addition, we offer robust off grid battery back ups for home and industrial purposes.

Our grid tie systems can start as low as 3kW solar net metering systems and our medium range of net accounting systems can start from 30kW to 100kW. Our industrial net plus systems can go up to 1mW or more.

Our battery bank assisted off grid solar systems provide robust protection from blackouts and power failures. With a state of art Li ion battery pack and a smart inverter you can almost entirely run from the off grid system alone.