The Net-Metering solar scheme

Net-metering is scheme that allows consumers to install renewable energy facilities, such as solar power. A consumer with net-metering will be provided credits for energy supplied to the CEB from the solar power system. These credits will be deducted from the consumers monthly electricity bill, hence the term net-metering.

How net-metering works – include the net-metering video

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How does Net-Metering work?

  1. Solar PV panels produce power when sunshine is present.
  2. The power produced by the panels will be converted to AC electricity, to match the CEB electricity supply.
  3. The consumer will use the energy produced by the system, and any excess energy will be exported to the CEB. The energy exported will be metered (by the export meter).

If the consumer uses more electricity than what is generated (such as in the night), this usage will be measured using CEB’s normal electricity meter (the import meter).

  1. The consumer’s electricity supply will continue as normal, and will be provided by either the Solar PV system, or via the CEB. The consumer will not notice any change in the electricity supply they receive.
  2. At the end of each month, the CEB will only charge the customer for any excess electricity used. The electricity exported will be deducted from the electricity used, prior to billing.
  3. If the customer produced the same number of units as they used, then the electricity bill will be zero. If more electricity was produced than used, a credit will be carried forward to next month’s bill as per the Net-Metering Scheme or will be paid as per the Net-Accounting Scheme.


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