January 13, 2017

Net-Metering Systems

Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. For example, if a residential customer has a PV(Photo voltaic) system on the home’s rooftop, it may generate more electricity than the home users consume during daylight hours. If the home is net-metered, the electricity meter will run backwards to provide a credit against what electricity is consumed at night or other periods where the home’s electricity usage exceeds the system’s output. Customers are only billed for their “net” energy use. On average, only 20-40% of a solar energy system’s output ever goes into the grid.

SolSpectrum provides net-metering systems customized for individual user. Our team carefully calculates the monthly electricity usage and assume the increments of the usage in the future and design a PV systems that eventually become an investment.

10kW Net-metering system

          LKR 1,730,000.00

2kW Net-metering system

           LKR 485,000.00

3kW Net-metering system

          LKR 665,000.00

4kW Net-metering system

          LKR 860,000.00

5kW Net-metering system

          LKR 970,000.00